Safety and Bike Accessibility Notes

If you are bicycling along the route, there are a handful of spots that you should be especially careful. As you are passing the North Scituate Commuter Rail station there is a lot of traffic turning into and out of the parking lot during commuter hours. Also, the left turn from Mordecai Lincoln Road to Gannett can

be a difficult one. If you are bicycling with children, you may want to get off your bikes and use the crosswalk in front of Jamie’s Pub. From there, heading east towards the ocean, you have the option to continue on the roadway itself or use the sidepath that sits on the south side of the road. Be careful however, as it narrows to 4’ in some places, not enough for a bicycle to pass a pedestrian. For a stretch, the sidepath goes away and the road is relatively narrow so make sure you feel comfortable riding with traffic.  When you reach the neighborhood close to the ocean, the traffic slows down but there are many driveways so keep an eye out for turning cars or those backing out onto the road.

The Scituate Historic Trails project formed from a partnership between Scituate Historical Society, People for Active Transportation & Health (PATH), and Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary to create and promote walking paths and bike routes connecting historical sites, beaches, downtown businesses and other fun places to relax, learn, eat and enjoy Scituate, a charming New England seaside town founded in 1636. Scituate is a coastal town located 25 miles south of Boston with nearly 17 square miles of history and centuries old character to be enjoyed on foot, on a bicycle or from a boat! From out of town? Hop on the Greenbush Train from South Station with your bike and enjoy a healthy, historical adventure to Scituate Massachusetts.