Safety and Bike Accessibility Notes

Long portions of this route follow a narrow road along the edge of a beach community where traffic flows slowly enough for comfortable bicycling. While the beach is tantalizingly close at times, there is very little public access to it, so you’ll need to just enjoy the views and sea breezes. Going south from Standish to 1st Ave, you will need to access Hatherly Road for a short block. Traffic is heavier and faster on Hatherly, so use caution. On your route out to the Old Scituate Lighthouse, keep an eye out for pedestrians as the sometimes-heavy volume of walkers in both directions will typically be in the street because of the lack of sidewalk. Heading back into Town, there is a new shared use path along most stretches of Jericho Road. Utility poles and guy wires sit in the middle of the path however, so keep your eye open for them (along with other walkers of course). When you’ve entered the Front Street business district, traffic is quite slow but watch for pedestrians crossing Front Street on the crosswalks. Heading out to the First and Second Cliff peninsula, the four way stop at the Front/Kent/Edward Foster intersection can be a tricky one for bicyclists but as soon as you are through it, you are home free. On your way out to First Cliff, one can avoid going up and over the hill at Second Cliff by staying on Edward Foster and veering to the north.

The Scituate Historic Trails project formed from a partnership between Scituate Historical Society, People for Active Transportation & Health (PATH), and Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary to create and promote walking paths and bike routes connecting historical sites, beaches, downtown businesses and other fun places to relax, learn, eat and enjoy Scituate, a charming New England seaside town founded in 1636. Scituate is a coastal town located 25 miles south of Boston with nearly 17 square miles of history and centuries old character to be enjoyed on foot, on a bicycle or from a boat! From out of town? Hop on the Greenbush Train from South Station with your bike and enjoy a healthy, historical adventure to Scituate Massachusetts.